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Balance support improves the quality of life for seniors in Wabasha County.

“The positive improvements I see among participants from start to finish are quite incredible.” 

-  MJ Moravec, trained Tai Ji Quan instructor  

“I'm already noticing a difference in my physical being. I'm sure I'm a little more mobile than I had been, and I plan to continue these exercises. Hopefully, I'll be jumping over the moon...soon!"

Matter of Balance past participant


The Wabasha County Senior Action Team was awarded a Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) grant to support the introduction of home safety checks. These safety checks are supported by Wabasha County Ambulance as a tool to help seniors reduce their risk of falls and live longer in their homes. The Team has been diligently planning to kick off an in-home environmental safety check pilot. 


In our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment, senior health was identified as a top priority and there are hopes to launch the pilot program summer 2017. The pilot’s target population will include seniors ages 55 and older who wish to remain in their homes and reduce their risk of falls, as well as have participated in one of the following classes: Matter of Balance Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Tai Ji Quan, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, Fit City Seniors.

Previous participants have been selected as they are already engaged and have seen the benefits of support offered by the Senior Action Team. Many activities of daily living – standing from a seated position, climbing stairs, reaching while maintaining balance – are easier and safer because the methodical series of exercises have strengthened stability, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Wabasha Ambulance will make the in-home visits which will include a walk-through of the home and entry ways, an optional blood pressure check, safety recommendation, resources, and a follow-up call will be placed.  It is a goal to complete 24 checks during the pilot phase, review refine and to launch a sustainable program through Wabasha County Ambulance.  

Call Wabasha County Public Health at 651-565-5200 to learn more or visit the WellConnect website.



What is WellConnect?

WellConnect is an innovative collaboration of individuals and organizations in Southeast Minnesota that is focused on optimizing the experience of health and wellness in this region.

The group started in 2015 as a handful of folks in Rochester, Minnesota with a big idea for improving healthcare. Since that time, they have held regional meetings, conducted research, and engaged new partners. Now they are an entire community system that includes 11 counties and more than 20 organizations (and growing!).

If you live in Southeast Minnesota, WellConnect is for you! Visit the WellConnect website to learn more.