Working together to make Wabasha County a Healthier Place to Live, Work and Play.

Supported by the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP), Minnesota Department of Health


We are schools, kids, seniors, farmers, neighbors and main streets coming together to make a difference.

Through grants, technical support and collaboration, our partners in Wabasha County are making impressive steps toward creating healthier communities.

We’re making a difference by encouraging healthier eating, more physical activity and living tobacco free.

We’ve made great progress by investing in the health of our schools, worksites, housing, health care and child care facilities.

But there’s more work to do!

Helping Minnesotans live longer, healthier lives by increasing their opportunities for activity, access to healthy food and working to eliminate tobacco use.

59% of us 

don’t eat enough fruits & vegetables; 60% in 2014*

71% of us

are overweight or obese; 69% in 2014%*

56% of us 

don’t meet recommended
daily physical activity guidelines; 60% in 2014*

* Community Health Needs Surveillance Results, SHIP 3: 2014 and 2017

What is the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership?

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“We aim to use SHIP funding to make lasting change that will affect large segments of the population, with a priority for those with greater need: diverse populations, low income groups and persons over 60 years old."   

- Tina Moen, Wabasha County SHIP coordinator


Our strategies include:

Changing established systems to make it easier to make healthy choices.

Incorporating health into organizational policies.

Changing the environments in which we live, work, learn and play to allow easier access to healthy food, physical activity and smoke-free air.

Supporting proven, research-based strategies focused on sustainability.

Working in schools, child care facilities, worksites, communities and health care settings.

Helping Minnesotans live longer healthier lives by decreasing obesity, tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure - the leading causes of chronic disease, disability and death. 

Interested in applying for a mini-grant? 

Our current grant cycle runs through October 2019.
Applications are reviewed as they are received prior to August 2019.

First, you'll need to discuss your project and learn about allowable expenses with Wabasha County SHIP. 
Call Tina Moen to get started today!

 Email Tina  |  Call 651-565-5200 

About our Community Leadership Team


Our Team Members:

Randi Callahan,  3 Rivers Family Advocacy Services Coordinator
Susan Draves,  SNAP-Ed Regional Coordinator, Lake City Farmers Market Manager
Mayor Emily Durand; City of Wabasha Mayor
Mike Harvey, Superintendent, Zumbrota-Mazeppa Schools
Jan Joannides, Executive Director, Renewing The Countryside & Zumbro Falls resident
Kay Kay (Jensen), Wabasha Main Streets/Marketing Advisor
Cheryl Key, Wabasha County Commissioner
Johanna Majerus,  RN, Lake City Schools
Tina Moen, Wabasha County SHIP Coordinator
Marcia Schultz,  Executive Assistant to Superintendent, Plainview Schools
Chris Simonson, Director, Wabasha Area Food Shelf



The purpose of the Community Leadership Team is to serve as a decision making group in establishing and growing community support for policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change work in obesity prevention and tobacco use.

What our team does:

  • Maps the assets in Wabasha County

  • Maps the decision makers related to SHIP projects

  • Identifies potential SHIP partners

  • Helps set priorities

  • Takes on projects related to communications

  • Explores and addresses how local policies could potentially impact health

  • Provide leadership for health within their workplaces and communities