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NEWS: 2019

Free child care trainings supported by Wabasha County SHIP.


On January 15, 2019, CATCH USA Early Childhood-Physical Activity #121852 training was offered by Tina Moen, SHIP Coordinator, in Plainview. This class is designed to promote preschool age children's enjoyment and participation of MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) during activity and recreation time with family and friends. The following providers attended the training and are SHIP partners: Blanket Fort Daycare (Megan Fort), Amanda Tentis, and Ana’s Family Day Care (Ana Johnson).

“The training was wonderful, informative, and I can’t wait to begin using it.”
-Class participant

On January 17, 2019, Head Start programs from Zumbrota, Wabasha, Northfield and Red Wing attended CATCH USA Early Childhood–Healthy Eating #121998 training which was offered by Tina Moen, SHIP Coordinator, at Wabasha Head Start. This class is aimed at promoting healthy eating behaviors in preschool age children age 3-5.

“We will practice the healthy eating curriculum and talking to kids about healthy foods and we will implement the new lesson plans/activities during parent meetings, circle and meal times.” -Head Start Teacher

Our next class, Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care Programs is scheduled for May 16, 2019.
Register here.

If you would like information on what it means to partner with Wabasha County SHIP, please email Tina Moen or call her at 651-565-5200.

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NEWS: 2018

Farm to Child Care training leads to healthy eating partnerships.

The training was offered in May 2018 by Stacy Boysen at Lake City Catholic Worker Farm.


During the training, providers learned about two services offered by the Wabasha Farmers Market and Lake City Market by the Lake:

Power of Produce (PoP) Club, and Farmers Market Food Aggregation

Power of Produce (PoP) Club is an incentive program where children ages 4 to 12 receive a $2 token each week to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables and food plants at the farmers market. At least two child care providers have already signed their children up and their kids get excited to go to the market every week to use their $2 tokens.

Farmers Market Food Aggregation was developed into a project when Wabasha Farmers Market obtained a Wholesale Food Handler’s License allowing farmers markets to aggregate (or combine) and sell healthy foods to local businesses such as schools, hospitals, child care facilities and restaurants after three years of working to break through barriers. During our training, child care providers were offered an opportunity to sign up to order foods from the markets through Local Orbit, the online ordering system. Two providers who participated in the training have signed up. There is hope to expand the offering of this service to more child care providers throughout our community.


“In my house we love our Wednesday night and Saturday morning trips to the Wabasha Farmers Market where each of my girls receives their $2 POP token to spend on ANY fruit or veggie of THEIR choice! The POP program has really helped my girls step out of their comfort zone and to try new fruits and veggies!  It’s FANTASTIC!!!

I also recently was introduced to the Local Orbit Ordering System which I am loving!!! Once a week I get a email stating what produce is available for the week and with a couple easy clicks I’m able to order all the produce I would like for my daycare and family then pick it up on my weekly trip to the Wabasha Farmers Market. It’s extremely convenient and has amazing produce!”

-Melissa Fitzgerald

Contact Wabasha Farmers Market Manager, Sara George, for support in implementing farm to childcare at your facility.


Healthy eating trainings offered to Wabasha County child care providers with the support of SHIP.

On May 19, 2018 a Farm to Child Care training was offered by Stacy Boysen at Lake City Catholic Worker Farm. Farm to Child Care is a nationwide movement that connects childcare providers and young children with fresh ideas for incorporating local foods, fun, healthy curriculum and activities, and healthy meals and snacks into their child care programs. Hands-on activities in a relaxing atmosphere make this training a must for everyone!

The following providers attended the training and are SHIP partners: Alexis Befort, Brenda Burgland, Melissa Fitzgerald, Brandie Richardson, Linda Pavlak, and All 'Bout Children (Chris Wadley).  


Here are concepts attendees plan to incorporate:

  • Visiting a farm

  • Picking strawberries with the kids

  • Creating a garden for the kids and with the kids

  • Creating cooking activities

  • Creating activities based around nutrition

  • Expanding their garden to make it bigger

  • Try purchasing a CSA from a local farmer

  • Purchase local food

  • Plant some plants

  • Incorporate more health foods

  • Curriculum changes

Contact Sara George, Wabasha Farmers Market Manager for support in implementing farm to childcare at your facility and to learn about Power of Produce (POP) Club offered at Lake City Market by the Lake and Wabasha Farmers Market.

On June 25, 2018 a CATCH USA Early Childhood – Healthy Eating #121998 was offered by Tina Moen, SHIP Coordinator, in Plainview. This class is aimed at promoting healthy eating behaviors in preschool age children age 3-5. The following providers attended the training and are SHIP partners: Donna and Pamela's Daycare (Donna Jansky, Pamela Lang, and Bobbi Sievers), Sharry Stensrud, and Blanket Fort Daycare (Megan Fort).

Partners who took healthy eating trainings reported the following:

  • Recipes are helpful

  • Kids are eating more vegetables than they did before attending a training

  • Kids are eating enough junk food, that when they get to daycare, they ask for salads because they love them

  • Kids know their bodies need good foods

  • Kids want to go to the farmers market and try new things

“I partnered with SHIP shortly after opening my childcare. At first I was thinking it's just some more training, but little did I know it was going to be one of the most valuable choices that I made.

By partnering with SHIP I have received great training, information and amazing resources to help make my childcare a success.I have also had the opportunity to meet some pretty great people along the way and share and learn from them as well.

I feel that partnering with SHIP is a beneficial addition to any program, family, or individual seeking a healthier, safer living lifestyle. Thank You Tina for this great opportunity.”

-Brandie Richardson

Contact Tina Moen, SHIP Coordinator, at to learn more about partnering with SHIP.

Child care providers partner with Wabasha County SHIP to support breastfeeding.


Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care Programs was facilitated by Caren Hoffman on January 28, 2018. This course introduced the importance of breastfeeding for children, mothers, and child care programs. Topics included the benefits of breastfeeding, risks of not breastfeeding, breastfeeding guidelines, and safe handling and storage of breast milk. Participants identified ways for child care providers to support breastfeeding families and many breastfeeding resources were provided to share with families following the training.

Thank you to the following child care providers for partnering and going above and beyond to meet the needs of your families:

Megan Fort
Pamela Lang and Donna Jansky
Lisa Maureen Johnson
Victoria Timm
Sharry Stensrud
Melissa Fitzgerald
Katrina Hagfors
Marcy Standinger

We offer classes about 6 months apart to give partners time to work on their action plans and our next class will be CATCH USA Early Childhood – Healthy Eating and will be offered in late spring 2018.  Contact Tina Moen, SHIP Coordinator, at to learn more.

SHIP continues to collaborate with Wabasha County child care providers.

Reasons for child care providers to partner with SHIP:

010317 CATCH HE workbook.png
  • Free MNCPD approved continuing education hours

  • Help in obtaining three and four star Parent Aware Ratings (providers do not need to be part of the Parent Aware program to participate)

  • Have a completed self-assessment and results

  • Training and an action plan for one to three of the following areas: Healthy eating, physical activity, and breastfeeding support

  • Implementing best practices for healthy eating, breastfeeding and/or physical activity in their programs

  • Have a completed post-implementation self-assessment and results

  • Have written policies describing their newly-adopted action plan(s)

  • Training-related tools and supplies will be provided to those partnering while funding is available

 The process for partnering with Wabasha County SHIP is as follows:

  • SHIP provides a quick and easy pre-assessment

  • SHIP provides FREE training(s)

  • SHIP provides an action plan template

  • SHIP provides Technical Assistance

  • Policies in nutrition, breastfeeding support and physical activity are adopted by providers and/or centers

  • SHIP provides a post-assessment

  • Long-term sustainability will be reviewed

Click here to register for our next training, Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care Programs,  scheduled January 29, 2018 in Plainview.

We offer classes about 6 months apart to give partners time to work on their action plans and our next class will be CATCH USA Early Childhood – Healthy Eating and will be offered in late Spring 2018.


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NEWS: 2017

CATCH Early Childhood-Physical Activity training held July 12.

CATCH EARLY CHILDHOOD (CEC) is an evidence-based program for preschoolers, modeled after the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) program. CEC Physical Activity training provides teachers and caregivers of young children with foundational knowledge about childhood obesity, its causes, and how to design a physical activity program supporting good health and fitness.

Participants gained knowledge and tools necessary to plan and lead structured physical activities nurturing a love of movement for the children they care for leading to an active lifestyle. Participants practiced adapting and leading group activities for their specific ECE setting.

Class attendees included Melissa Fitzgerald, Desiree Hall with Zumbrota Headstart, Laurie Secrist and Robin Meixner with Wabasha Headstart, Sharry Stensrud, Victoria and Jonathan Timm, and previous member Katrina Hagfors.

Contact Tina Moen at to learn when the next training will happen.


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NEWS: 2016

Changing the trends for our youth.

Kids are eating out more and consuming more foods high in sugar and saturated fats while not getting enough physical activity. Since most young people spend much of their days in child care and school settings, SHIP sees an opportunity to reach many young people by working with schools and child care providers in Wabasha County on healthy eating and physical activity strategies.

Up to 3,538 youth have been positively affected through our 37 child care and school partner sites who are committed to providing healthy options to our youth.

Making it part of their day.

Lake City School District has implemented healthy snack carts with a 70 percent participation rate.

Lake City School District has implemented healthy snack carts with a 70 percent participation rate.

With SHIP's support, schools are making big change through initiatives in farm-to-school, school-based agriculture, and healthy snack carts. Students are relishing in the opportunity to try healthy foods that are locally grown and sometimes even grown by them. One area school has seen great success.

Lake City School District has implemented healthy snack carts with a 70 percent participation rate. Healthy options include fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese sticks and whole grain snacks crackers.

This is a part of the school district's effort to focus on wellness and to make it easier for students to choose healthy options at school instead of bringing in unhealthy snacks from home. This also helped us to have more uniform snack options for students as there was a wide range of ideas of what should be available.”
Johanna Majerus, Lake City school nurse

Child care providers using SHIP provided tools.

Twenty-nine child care providers have partnered with SHIP on healthy eating, physical activity and support for breastfeeding.  SHIP is working with these providers to create action plans and to provide healthy eating and physical activity curriculum and tools that can be used at their facilities. The children are having fun while making healthy choices part of their every day! 

Our youth are sharing the message. 

A staff member from Roots to Wings Learning Center recently told this story:

“I received a text from a parent explaining her child's birthday treat she was sending to school the next day. She told me she had taken her daughter to the store to pick out something from the bakery to bring to school for her birthday but her daughter insisted she could not bring cookies or cupcakes because those were "sometimes‟ foods and she should bring a healthy treat. The little girl decided watermelon would be a great birthday treat, and so we had watermelon cubes for her birthday! I was very excited she had listened so carefully to our health lessons and was able to apply them to her life.”